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The Icon is the industry's largest wood-burning fireplace. Its beauty is highlighted by expansive viewing areas and authentic masonry looks. Let the fire roar with the Icon in the room.

  • 36", 42" or 50" viewing area
  • Choose bi-fold or cabinet style door options
  • Clean design allows finishing materials to be applied up to the firebox opening


Model Specifications


I60CT 36" Icon

Appliance Width:44-1/2"
Appliance Height:59-1/4"
Appliance Depth1:27-1/2"
Appliance Rear Width:28-5/8"
Framing Height:59-3/4"
Framing Depth2:28"
Framing Front Width:45-1/2"
Framing Back Width:45-1/2"
Viewing Area:36 x 28-1/2"


I80H 42" Icon

Appliance Width:50-1/2"
Appliance Height:59-1/4"
Appliance Depth1:27-1/2"
Appliance Rear Width:34-1/2"
Framing Height:59-3/4"
Framing Depth2:28-1/2"
Framing Front Width:51-1/2"
Framing Back Width:51-1/2"
Viewing Area:42 x 28-1/2"


I100CT 50" Icon

Appliance Width:60-5/8"
Appliance Height:70-1/2"
Appliance Depth1:29-1/2"
Appliance Rear Width:41-5/8"
Framing Height:71"
Framing Depth2:30-1/2"
Framing Front Width:61-5/8"
Framing Back Width:61-5/8"
Viewing Area:50 x 33"


  • 1-800-421-4447

    Open 6 days a week
    Monday through Saturday
    8am – 6pm

    Congo Fireplace & Patio
    19650 Interstate 30
    Benton, Arkansas 72019

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